Formula Sensei E-Formulas v1.2 Available

The newest version of Formula Sensei E-Formulas (v1.2) is now available in the App Store.

New in this version:

Application-wide improvements:
• Values are now remembered after user exits application
• Values carry over to other formulas that use the same variable name which allows simple chaining of calculations

Improvements to the Voltage Drop calculator:
• Added Solve For wire gauge size (by popular request)
• Removed unnecessary Conditions variable
• Simplify description of Length field to reduce confusion
• Hide formula equation until user presses Info button

Go to the Apple iTunes Store to view details: Formula Sensei E-Formulas

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2 Responses to Formula Sensei E-Formulas v1.2 Available

  1. Ricardo says:

    be nice to add the formulas for the parallel RLC circuit in series and take total current, voltage total.
    is an excellent application congratulate you the best appstore

  2. John Mulligan says:

    Howdy, Your program is still the nicest user interface of anything I have used. It would be nice to get an inches/metric conversion for PCB’s with your magic interface. The only negative comment would be that the program quits quite often, that’s a little annoying but I love it.
    Regards John Mulligan

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